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Events for Christians - Social events for single Christians

April 2024

Living life with The Proverbs
The Importance of Honesty and Integrity Why does honesty matter? What are the dangers of dishonesty? Is there such a thing as a small white lie? Does it matter if you cheat on a parking meter? Does it matter if you misrepresent your expenses on your tax return? Does it matter if you lie to a friend about your plans? Let's meet up on Zoom and discuss the above topic. A list of scripture...
Zoom Karaoke Night 42
Dig out your party clothes and locate your hairbrush - we're gonna have our 42nd karaoke night on Zoom! We had a lot of fun again last time, with a variety of singers giving it a go! So find a track on YouTube you want to sing along to for a fun evening where you can let your hair down and join in the fun or simply enjoy listening to others sing! There will be a chance to mingle together in...