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Formby Picnic & Beach day trip, near Liverpool

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

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9 July 2022, 12:00pm to 5:30pm
Formby, near Liverpool

Join for a chilled day out on the beach (hopefully we will have great weather)
Pack a picnic lunch to bring with you or buy it on your journey, plus snacks if you need them, (please bring enough to water so you are hydrated) plus Sun lotion, a towel and your bathers for some fun!

If you want to bring games for the beach ie a beach ball or something, feel free too and we can see who’s up for that on the day. Please let me know in the comments below if you plan to bring somethin, so we do't have too many games or people bringing the same games. We also have the option of a beach walk while we are there.

After our day at the beach we will have a meal out at a restaurant near to Freshfields Station.

I will need to book a table, so if you want to come and also join for dinner afterwards you need to mention that you want to stay for dinner in the comments below please. We will aim to eat around 6 / 6.30pm and make sure you have enough cash or our bank card with you.

Please note, to get to the beach we will have to walk over some Sand dunes.

The nearest train station is Freshfield station and then a 20min walk or 10 min taxi ride to Formby National Trust Nature Reserve.

A train from Liverpool to Freshfield takes just under 40 minutes or a 30 minute drive from Liverpool and trains run frequently from London.

Our meeting point will by the main entrance gates by the National Trust Formby Beach Toilets at Midday. We will wait there for about 10 minutes and then head to the beach.

As you drive into the Victoria Road car park, L37 1LJ, & park your car, you will pass through the main entrance and past the toilets before parking. After parking your car you just have to go back on foot down Victoria Road a short while until you reach the main entrance and toilets area!

We had a previous Beach walk in Formby in April that went so incredibly well that we thought we would do another trip!
It's gonna be a great day again and We SO look forward to seeing you there

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