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Fortnightly Zoom Pub Quiz - guestimate your answers!

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

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21 October 2021, 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Missing playing pub quizzes? Or don’t like them because the questions are too easy or hard? This is a quiz that anyone can play because nobody is likely to know the answers! Your team will need to give guestimates for questions such as ‘How much is does the average wedding cost?’, and some particularly amusing ones such as 'What percentage of women return their engagement ring to choose another?' (they're not all marriage related!)… Instead of writing an exact answer your team will write their guess as a range on the Zoom whiteboard.
There will be time for chatting in the first 15 minutes before the quiz starts at 8:15pm, and afterwards for people who want to stay on. Sign up for an evening of surprise and laughter!
Zoom details will be posted below a day or so before the event, although they are the same every week. If at some point you realise you can't attend this meetup I would please ask that you click the 'unattend meetup' button, so that I have a somewhat accurate idea of numbers. See you there!

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