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Zoom Friday Night Blank Slate & Hit Or Miss Game

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

To attend this event, you need to be a member of Christian Connection.

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5 November 2021, 8:00pm to 9:00pm

You'll need paper and a fairly dark-coloured felt-tip pen that will show up on your webcam! The game starts at 8:15pm. This will be a mixture of two games:

- A card is selected and shown/read out to everyone, which will either be two words where one is blank (i.e. red _____ ), or a category (i.e. ice cream flavour)
- You have 45 seconds to write down the answer that you think will be the most popular, along with an answer that you think no one else will write
- One person reads out their 2 answers one by one
- If the popular answer matches that of anyone else, both the reader and writer get a point
- If the obscure answer matches that of no one else, the reader gets 1 point
- Each player records their own score, and the one with the most points wins!

As with all my events, I would please ask that you are courteous by clicking the 'unattend meetup' button if at some point you realise you can't attend. If the member signup becomes more accurate then I can bring you a wider range of games that require a more specific number of players :) The Zoom details never change, but I will try to send them out on the Tuesday before the event so that you receive an email reminder.

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