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Zoom Friday Night Talkin' Tango Game

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

To attend this event, you need to be a member of Christian Connection.

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8 October 2021, 8:00pm to 9:00pm

No pens or paper required for this one! The game starts at 8:15pm. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5494/talkin-tango

- A player is chosen to start
- A new partner is chosen randomly for each turn (I will write everyone's names on pieces of paper and choose one)
- Both players will be shown the card which contains a word, while the rest of the players look away
- The pair need to decide how long they think they need (10, 20 or 30 seconds) for other players to guess their word, and the timer is then set
- The pair must alternate saying a word each that forms a sentence (no random clues!)
- If someone guesses your word both players and the guesser win 1 point (30 sec), 2 points (20 sec) or 3 points (10 sec)
- If no one guesses your word both players lose 1 point (30 sec), 2 points (20 sec) or 3 points (10 sec), if they currently have any (no minus points)
- One of the pair can say "new sentence" to start again, although the timer is still ticking
- If one of the pair say the target word the turn is over
- The player with the most points wins!

As with all my events, I would please ask that you are courteous by clicking the 'unattend meetup' button if at some point you realise you can't attend. If the member signup becomes more accurate then I can bring you a wider range of games that require a more specific number of players :) The Zoom details never change, but I will try to send them out on the Tuesday before the event so that you receive an email reminder.

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