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Calling all Celts and honorary Celts - St Patrick's celebration:-)

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13 March 2021, 8:00pm to 9:45pm

Calling all celts on CC and honorary celts !

Let's get together for a couple of hours of craic and general merriment in honour of that great hero of the faith St Patrick who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle.

Come and join the fun...we can have our own lock-in and party via Zoom. :-) Patrick and his band of brothers were irrepressible in the face of adversity ...and we can follow in his steps during this pandemic. :-)

This is a rough plan of what will happen

8 start- Welcome
Celtic songs- share your favourite celtic song / a song that makes you want to dance. :-)

St Patrick- Who was he and what was his impact? Why should we celebrate him? I would love it if a few people could tell us a bit about Patrick, his faith and his ministry.

Breakout room - social time. :-)

The Celt contingent- Hoping for some Celts to share some short stories, jokes, some traditions, poetry. You may even choose to talk about Father Ted...I won't stop you ! :-)

Celts around the world- Hope a few people will share thoughts on the legacy of this incredible group of people. Rock music ( U2, Cranberries, the Commitments, the Corrs etc) , dance ( River Dance..?) , literature( Sean Heannesy, GB Shaw, Oscar Wilde)....
perhaps someone could teach us a few words in Irish - Cead mile Failte does not get me very far. :-)

Breakout room- social time

We will finish with a toast to St Patrick - whatever your poison is- tea, coffee,iron-bru, Guinness..Slainte !!

Carriages at 9.45. :-)

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