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Wednesday HISTORY meeting - using Zoom

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

To attend this event, you need to be a member of Christian Connection.

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27 January 2021, 8:00pm to 9:30pm

An online gathering of folk who would like to chat, get to know each other and discuss topics from history.
We will discuss:
#1. 'Lindy Hop' dance;
#2. Thomas Becket murder (1170);
#3. Canterbury Tales.
Is there a historical place you would like to visit (or have visited)? Discuss or maybe show some photos, Youtube video, etc.
A historical journey e.g. Captain Cook, or Ra papyrus boat (from Morocco to central America).
OT or NT archaeological discovery is another suggestion.
Any other ideas?
The members that sign up to join this meet up will be sent a Zoom link and password in advance of the meet up (the day before). You will need to have signed up to the event to gain entry but it is free to attend and the Zoom video software is free to download and use too! (See www.zoom.us)

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