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Truth to Power Talks - Why did people vote BREXIT?


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10 September 2018, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Tickets are £4.00 (plus fees) in advance online or £6.00 cash on the door.

Truth to Power Talks provides a space for people of different opinions to come together and discuss opinions on a given subject. The aim of the open discussion is to; openly discuss topics, ask good questions, listen to and give opinions. We show how it is possible to DISAGREE WELL with others!

We will have a panel of speakers and a person chairing the discussion.



Every Month, we will pick a topical subject to which there may be varied opinion. We will have a Panel of one or two people who will give a short talk or presentation of opinion on the subject. There will then be an opportunity for the audience and panel to engage. We will have a chair to ensure the session is orderly!


1. No debating or argument

2. Respect the Chair

3. Respect other opinions

4. No shouting down

5. Keep language clean

6. No personal insults

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