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Head Start Pre-Marital Class (September 2018 Class)


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29 September 2018, 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Single? Engaged? Preparing for a serious relationship? In Love? Preparing for marriage? Want to equip yourself with the necessary tools for a great relationship? If yes, then this course is for you.

Succesful relationships are not a product of luck, chance or wishes. There are core truths parties that love each other need to know in order to excel in their relationship. At Head Start, you will acquire vital information that will give you more chance of succeeding in your future marriage. In addition to LOVE, you need to arm yourself with the relevant knowledge in order to build and enjoy a successful relationship.

Class Schedule: Saturday 29th September:   1200-1800


This is an exceptional pre-marital class that practically covers key areas of relationships that most individuals and couples seriously need in order to have a successful relationship/marriage.

Head Start Pre-marital Class is specially crafted to prepare and equip you with the honest, raw, practical knowledge you need in order to have a HEADSTART in the FRESHSTART ahead of you. We cover many areas most premarital classes often ignore. It's comprehensive, balanced and very rich from a Christian perspective.

This is not your usual pre-marital class, this one is specially designed to make you succeed in your relationship.

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