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CC South East England friendship group

This is a Christian Connection member-organised meetup.

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5 June 2021, 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Calling all members from Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire! (anyone from the wider south region, including Greater London is also welcome, or people who often visit the area.)
Let’s gather together some people from a similar locality, getting to know each other and considering the possibility of meeting up in person at some point. (As before, Mike is leading, I’m the admin assistant😄!)

It was lovely to meet familiar and new people last time and think about some different ideas for meet ups (perhaps starting June/July) Here’s what was suggested:
#1. St Albans, Hertfordshire (idea from Ellen);
#2. Chorleywood walk, Hertfordshire (led by Cammy);
#3. Leigh Hill Tower, Surrey (idea from Mike);
#4. Hever Castle or Chartwell House, NW Kent (ideas from Michael);
#5. Hastings, East Sussex (idea from Edwina);
#6. Rochester. North Kent (idea from Samuel).
If you are interested in attending (or even organising) in one or more of these, then drop a note in the comments section below, or on the message boards (link https://uk.christianconnection.com/topics/14171?topic_page=18#post_345066 ) and we can chat more about it at the meet up.

The members that sign up to join this meet up will be sent a Zoom link and password a day in advance of the meet up. You will need to have signed up to the event to gain entry but it is free to attend and the Zoom video software is free to download and use too! (See www.zoom.us)

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